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Managed Services vs Cloud Services

If a managed IT service is one where we outsource the management of infrastructure, platform, and/or software, how is that different than cloud? There is certainly a grey area.

Cloud as Explained to Mom

At Indatum we like to simplify things for our customers.  We won’t inundate you with complex value propositions in order to explain our services or products. It is important to us that we explain things as we would to a friend over drinks, or to our moms. If the value…

SMART Goals & Tasks

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you come across a task that just doesn’t seem like it was well thought out? Or that you run into a goal that gets moved to the bottom of the list over and over again?

The Need to Eliminate Technical Debt

When a business carries older technology in order to save money they accumulate technical debt.  Technical debt is accompanied by two major costs: the cost of ownership and the cost of change.  The cost of change becomes prohibitive as technology debt piles up.  This debt should be treated as you…