Who are we?

“Datum” is, by definition, a piece of information.

Our mantra is “do it better,” and we feel that to be measured better is to do better. Indatum takes an inventory of your business information and goals and clarifies how you want to meet those goals, all according to your own measures of success. We help you make that vision a reality. Your “better” is our “better”.

The proof is INDATUM.

Enabling Success

The most successful businesses focus on their core competencies.  We all know these companies.  They do that one thing better than anyone else.  To be better, requires immense focus and an ability to reach a higher standard than the current norm, which is rarely easy to do.

Running a business is hard enough without struggling with technology logistics.  The added stress of technology in the digital world can take the focus away from why you got into business and what you were trying to achieve in the first place.

The INDATUM Mission

What is your mission statement? Do you remember that mission statement?  Do you live it?  Not so sure? You may be losing focus on why you are in business.

IT Cloud solutions promise simplified ways to help businesses regain focus on their missions.  Implementing your cloud solution can be complex and challenging.  You need to dream big, and you need to execute well.  At INDATUM we started our business with one thing in mind – helping businesses succeed in an IT world.

With INDATUM, we’ve created a company whose goal is simply stated.

Our Goal

We enable our clients to do it better through integrated cloud solutions.