Business Accelerator Group

Are you an expert at every aspect of running your business?

Of course not, and you are not alone!

Indatum’s Business Accelerator Group (BAG) is passionate about helping businesses succeed with monthly learning and networking sessions.

During each event:

With each event, we host one keynote speaker. This speaker is an industry expert in her’s/his’s subject matter. Each event we will change the subject, but it will always be an open discussions related to specific aspects of running your business. (For example: Lead Generation.)

Business Accelerator Group Meeting

Session Format:

During each meeting participants will:

  1. Learn from an experienced keynote speaker.
  2. Participate in Q&A activity, where each attendee will have the opportunity (at their own discretion) to: Introduce their business, and experiences related to the topic.

Note, because we would like to provide highly engaging and interactive conversation formats, we typically limit the audience to 25 people.

Recent Events

April 2019 – Earning Customer Loyalty with Marc Sidhom of Revalot Inc.

June 2019 – What is your business capable of achieving? With Mark Peco

September 2019 – Start Your Sales Engine with Neal Lappe


  • Are you interested in being a keynote speaker?
  • Would you like to suggest a topic that may help your business?
  • Do you have a venue you would like us to promote and use?
  • Would you like to register early to participate in these sessions?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, reach out to us at

Who Should Join?

Anyone with a passion for their business should be here. If you are interested in a simple format to learn about growing your business, and meet people interested in doing the same, join us.

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