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Simplified Insights

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Avoid Grammatical Nightmares

Do you suffer from grammatical nightmares? Do you ever look at past blog posts or emails you wrote and notice some silly grammatical error? Does proof-reading take you too long? This post will show you a great new technique to improve, and expedite, how you proofread your writing. Let me…

World Served on a Platter

Managed Services vs Cloud Services

If a managed IT service is one where we outsource the management of infrastructure, platform, and/or software, how is that different than cloud? There is certainly a grey area.

Simplify the Cloud

Cloud as Explained to Mom

At Indatum we like to simplify things for our customers.  We won’t inundate you with complex value propositions in order to explain our services or products. It is important to us that we explain things as we would to a friend over drinks, or to our moms. If the value…

At INDATUM , we enable you to succeed.

At INDATUM our passion is to see your business succeed.