Websites are the front door of the digital engagement.  They need to be exciting, fresh, and relevant.   A great website will allow you to be in touch with customers, engage with them, and provide them with a platform that keeps them coming back. Our websites are designed to communicate with your audience first. And coupled with the services listed below they are sure to reach new levels of engagement.



Open up two-way communications with customers by providing fully interactive services.  Go paperless with billing, allow online appointment booking, accept payments, open up online chats, and more.  With the endless number of choices in cloud services there has never been a better time to provide great cost-saving services to your customers than right now.



Businesses all over the world are seeing cost savings, increased customer loyalty, and revenues through inbound marketing strategies.   Engaging in conversations with customers such as, answering questions, building customer community pages, and providing customers with fully engaged experiences leads to attracting new customers and building loyalty.  Attract customers and build their confidence by providing them with valuable insights.


Experience Management

Digital Experience Management

100 years ago, a shop keeper would walk down the street, knock door-to-door to invite people to his shop.  Since then advertising adopted many different mediums.

Today your business needs to go door to door, and show people why they should come visit you – in the digital world.  We can do that!

We will determine the right blend of inbound and outbound marketing strategies for your business.

Compliant Campaigns

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As an individual, you could be fined up to $1M or as a company up to $10M for violating CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Laws).

Privacy laws, and anti-spam legislation have introduced important standards to your business.

Indatum will introduce compliant processes for managing and storing your subscriber lists, while helping you get your valuable message out.

Accessible, Compatable Content

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At INDATUM we are driven to doing what’s right. We enable clients to set the best examples around Web Accessibility, and provide them the ability to exceed compliance standards in an effort to make the digital world accessible to everyone.

Furthermore, responsive devices have added complexity to your message. High standards with email providers have added protocols to sending your message out. With INDATUM, your message will get there.


Over many decades the internet has evolved from providing information, to allowing for eCommerce, and to today, the engaging digital experience. Managing your digital experience is critical today, but so is running your business.

At INDATUM we offer services to manage the entire digital experience. Our Job is to keep you focused on your business.

This way, you can go-do, while we take care the rest.