Earning Customer Loyalty

The Importance of Earning and Maintaining Customer Loyalty

With Marc Sidhom of Revalot Inc.

If you have ever wondered why companies try to hard to lure new customers with special deals, limited time offers, and desperate tactics, it’s often because they have done little to inspire the existing ones to stick around.

In business today, the cost of client acquisition is much higher than that of customer retention. Therefore, it makes sense to ensure we maintain that customer loyalty and increase the lifetime value of our clients.

Date and Time:

This event ran on April 25th. We are planning to run it again. If you are interested in attending, let us know by joining our Business Accelerator Group



Why should I attend?

Marc Sidhom presenting in the front of the room at the Customer Loyalty Event.

Businesses today need to inspire existing customers to stay. By applying methods that are truly simple we can learn to protect and grow revenues.

The objective

This workshop aims to introduce businesses to how consumers think and buy while teaching you what can be done to improve loyalty within your own customer base.

Who should attend?

This workshop is targeted for B2C and B2B businesses ranging in sizes from freelancers to large corporations.

You should be a business owner, an entrepreneur, and/or someone who has a desire to learn how customer loyalty, along the customer journey, can be your most effective tool for revenue stability.